The Terrell County School District will ensure that all students learn to their fullest potential by becoming life, career and college ready through quality educational opportunities with collaborative efforts from students, parents, teachers, administrators and the community
The mission of Terrell County Schools is to provide quality educational opportunities through collaborative commitment and effort of students, parents, teachers, administrators and community. To accomplish this mission we believe that....
  • All children can learn and become successful contributing members of society.
  • Successful programs are flexible and continuously improved.
  • High expectations produce high achievement because excellence cannot be compromised.
  • School improvement requires parental involvement and community support.
  • Opportunities for achieving technological literacy will support student achievement.
  • High quality teachers promote student success through academic excellence and positive reinforcement.
  • All community resources must be focused to consistently and continuously raise the level of education and to promote literacy and lifelong learning in Terrell County.
  • Integrated services from a variety of agencies (health, mental health, school and community) must be focused to strengthen families in their support and nurturing of children